Sophomore Feature: Drew Schreck


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   Sophomore year is a step up from starting over again as a freshman at Cloverleaf High School. Still not at the top of the food chain, but no longer the bottom. Student Drew Schreck gives insight on how sophomore year is treating him so far.

  “Playing a sport made it easier to adapt to a new climate as a freshman,” Schreck said. “Now that I know the atmosphere, sophomore year will be a breeze.”

  Everybody has that one teacher that they favor over the others. For Drew, that is Mr. Ryan.

  “He makes learning fun and easy to pay attention in his class,” Schreck explains. “I always look forward to his class.”

  Being on the Varsity golf team and keeping up your grades may not always be easy to balance, but maintaining a high GPA always come first for this sophomore.

  “I make what happens in the classroom my number one priority,” Schreck said. “Then comes golf.”

   After a long hard golf match, Drew likes to go home and enjoy his favorite snack.

  “When I get home, I try to take a minute for myself before starting my homework,” Schreck stated. “In order to relax, I have to have my Cheez-itz.”

  Even with practices, matches, and school work, Schreck is able to manage his school work and home life. Finding the time to spend with friends and family is his favorite way to spend his free time.

  On his off days, Drew spends most of them with his younger brothers, Luke and Zane. With his two younger brothers, Schreck spends an equal amount with both.

  Whether it be golfing on the weekends, or sitting down for a game of Fortnite, they always find a way to have fun.

  “Most weekends we spend golfing,” says Schreck.  “I try to help my youngest brother, Zane, learn all the basics of golf.”

   In the off season, Drew likes to take time to spend on baseball. As a Varsity letterwinner on the Cloverleaf baseball team, he knows that practice is the key to success.

  “I love baseball; in fact, it’s my favorite sport,” explains Drew.  “So typically, I try to spend as much time on it as I can. As the famous quote says, ‘Practice makes perfect.’”

  Everyone has to have downtime, and for Schreck, he likes to spend his swimming with his family.

  “On the weekends, after golfing, my family and I like to spend time by the pool,” he said. “It’s a nice way to cool off and relax after a long day.”

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