Social Studies Teacher Feature: Mr. Mike Bell

  Mr. Mike Bell has been teachers for a long 25 years and it is still something that he is very passionate about and enjoys. 

  Everyone always has an explanation for doing what they do in life whether it is their job to their family and even what they do in their free time.

  “Outside of school, I coach hockey and I go watch my boys play both soccer and hockey,” Bell said.  “I also love to golf.”

  Growing up, many people have someone that they look up to or were inspired by.  Many times this affects what they decide to do with their future.

  “I have always loved working with students,” Bell said.  “I was actually inspired by one of my old high school teachers.”

  Everyone has a favorite part of their day, including what they look forward to when they wake up and get to work. It is what most of the time gets them through their day.

  “My favorite part about teaching is the ah-ha moments, when students finally understand it,” Bell said.

  With a favorite part of the day comes a least favorite part. Something that we dread or hate knowing that it is going to happen.

  “Mine would have to be all the standardized testing,” Bell said.  “There’s too much of it.”

  Bell came to Cloverleaf simply because they offered him a job, but he in fact loves it at Cloverleaf High School.