Senior Class President Feature: Cameron Tripp

Cameron Tripp is the senior class president at Cloverleaf High School, where she has a lot of tasks to do.

 “There is a lot of stuff to plan as in picking themes for football games,and organizing fundraisers such as Powder Puff are some,” Tripp said. “One of the biggest tasks is planning and decorating for Prom, and preparing a speech for graduation.”

 When it comes to how she became class president, it’s actually a pretty interesting story.

 “I didn’t plan on becoming the class president,” Tripp said. “I’m close with Mrs. Simarro and when she asked me to run for it, I ended up really liking it.”

  Tripp has many important jobs, including selecting things that represent her class.

  “I help pick out things to represent the class such as class flower, color, song, and more,” Tripp said.

  While Tripp likes all that she does as the senior class president, she does have a favorite part of the job.

  “My favorite part is planning Prom, picking out the theme, and decorating for it,” said Tripp.

  Cameron Tripp has a long year ahead with many things to plan, but she is prepared and excited for the opportunity.