Student Council President Feature: Gabby Gruber

Gabby Gruber is a senior at Cloverleaf High School. She is the Student Council President and has been in Student Council since she was a freshman and has always loved it.

  “I like to be involved in Student Council because it helps better the school,” Gabby states. 

  Since she is the President, she does help organize the events the Student Council puts on. Gabby works with the advisor, Mrs. Mollie Jarvis, to make sure everything works. 

  “Student Council decorates for Homecoming, does student appreciation, and helps make CHS better,” Gruber said. “For example, putting microwaves in for lunch and the food pantry.”

  Along with Student Council, Gruber is a very involved student. She likes to help her school and likes to be involved in the school. 

  “I play volleyball and basketball and I’m involved in NHS,” Gruber said.

  In four years at CHS, she has experienced many things and has made it a journey for herself.

  “My high school experience has been fun and I’ve made lots of new friends and memories,” Gruber said.

  Since Gabby is a senior, she is looking forward to graduating and going off to college. Being a senior, you have to think about your future and what you want to make of your life. 

  “I’m planning on going to Kent State for school in the future,” Gruber said.