Math Teacher Feature: Mrs. Hannah Sedely

 Cloverleaf High School loses and gains teachers every year but they are never forgotten with all of the memories. 

  Mrs. Hannah Sedley, the new math teacher, took over for a legend, Mrs. Barb Dawson, who retired last year, and she came with experience.

  “I’ve been teaching for two years now,” Sedley said.

  Sedley teaches sophomores and juniors from Geometry to Honors. She enjoys working with all  of her students and being there for when they need her.

  “I’m loving Cloverleaf,” Sedley said. “The students are awesome and their positive attitudes make teaching a lot easier.”  

  Cloverleaf has so many great teachers, and Sedley hopes to fit right in.  Sedley is great with her students and is understanding to any questions they have and makes sure they all understand before moving on.

  “I went to Baldwin Wallace for my undergrad, and Cleveland State for teaching,” Sedley said.

  She comes in every day with a bright smile and a positive attitude which makes the students feel more comfortable in her class even when they are having a bad day. 

  “My favorite subject to teach would be Algebra for 8th and 9th grade,” Sedley said.

  The students at Cloverleaf High School really look up to the teachers and are successful when the teacher gives it their all with a positive attitude. 

  Having a positive attitude means better students because they will look forward to their teacher’s class and enjoy the time they spend in there. 

  “If I could teach anything else, it would biology,” Sedley said.