Jumanji: The Next Level Does Not Disappoint

  Jumanji: The Next Level is out and people have taken notice.

  The new hit movie is about a video game console that sucks you into the game’s existence. The first movie was a hit and most people enjoyed the fictional tale.

  Students at Cloverleaf High School really enjoyed the first Jumanji.

  “That movie was really funny with Kevin Hart and the Rock,” CHS senior Genna Judson said.

  Sam Birckbichler had his own views on the sequel.

  “The Next Level isn’t gonna be as good because the second movies are never better,” Birckbichler said. 

 Senior Brycen Holliday is going to check it out and see what the hype is all about. 

  “I’m really excited to see this movie,” Holliday said. “I’m gonna go see it with the homies.”

  You can see the movie at many theatres, but the closest theatre is Regal Cinema in Medina. 

  The movie is two hours and three minutes long, and it stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. 

  The movie is having really good reviews lately and comes highly recommended to watch.