Preparation Begins for Seniors

  As this school year is coming to an end, every senior has their future on their minds. Whether it is college, trade school, the military, or the workforce, it is an exciting new chapter for everyone. 

  There are many different branches if someone were to enroll in the military, many different trades like a plumber, electrician, or a construction manager, and the workforce also has a lot of different options as well.

  As for college, there are also a lot of options, out of state, in state, private, or public. There are many Cloverleaf students that will be attending college in the fall.

  Some people go to college on athletic scholarships, that helps with financial aid, and playing at the college level can be exciting for high school athletes.  

  Malone University is a private liberal arts school located in Canton, Ohio.

  “I am going to be running for Malone University in the fall.  I am very excited for the new challenges and opportunities,” said CHS senior Max Gucker.

  Many students will be going to college on sport scholarships, like Gucker, including Caraline Ferguson. She will be playing volleyball at Ohio Christian University, and Sylar Jones is also thinking about football at Marietta University.

   “If I can get enough money from Marietta, I will go there to play football, which will be really fun and exciting to play at the college level,” said Jones.

  Many people, if they are going to college close to home have the option to commute.

  “I am going to Bowling Green University, so I will not be able to commute because it is so far away,” said CHS senior Angel Cassidy.

  “I will be commuting to Kent State University next fall and I’m excited because I will be saving a lot of money because the room and board is equivalent to the education,” said Sarasa Sivaptham.

  College Students can major in a variety of options, which is good for all the different interests of students.

  “I will be majoring in sports business at Mount Union University and I’m really excited to begin next fall,” said CHS senior Jack Preusser.

    “I really want to pursue my dream of majoring in criminal justice.  It is really interesting to me and I enjoy learning about it,” said Sivaptham.

  For all students going to college, it is coming this fall.  There are a lot of options and this is a really exciting time for all of the Cloverleaf HS seniors.