Teens Discuss Driving to School in Winter Weather

  New drivers have had their experiences in the snow, and if they haven’t yet, they will likely be encountering them this winter.  Ohio weather isn’t known for it’s beautiful breezes in the winter months, leading to many new drivers to be in situations they have never experienced.

  Many of the Cloverleaf students drive to school, having to drive back roads in the dark, early mornings, and have to deal with icy weather, and sometimes even deer.  These all cause major issues.

  Sophomore Jenna Bensinger, who has her temps, has already endured bad driving experiences.

  “Learning to drive in the winter hasn’t been fun,” she explains.  “There have been days where I could’ve gotten in time to drive and I simply couldn’t because of the roads.”

  Though snow plows are very common in Ohio, not every single road can be plowed before teens need to get on the road.  Many teens fear they may be the next car accident in the news.

  “The roads aren’t always safe,” sophomore Hannah French says.  “Me and my best friend were driving, and we started siding. There was nothing we could do.”

  Hannah continued to explain that she feels this fear too when her parents leave for work. Many students worry that their parents may end up in an accident on their way home or to work.

  Through these experiences, we wonder, “How can we make this a non-issue?  How can we make the roads safer?”

  “I think one of the solutions could be to give drivers an extension of maybe 30 minutes after the start of school,” said Bensinger.  “I just want everyone to be safe – teachers included.”

  Overall, winter weather is dangerous for all driving in it.  Try to be safe drivers and be courteous of other drivers. Stay safe this winter!