What Are Students at Cloverleaf High School Thankful For?

  Amidst all the craziness that has ensued during the chaotic year that 2020 has been, and throughout the ups and downs of all the hardships, Cloverleaf students have still found so much to be thankful for.  Whether it is an object, an activity, or a person, Cloverleaf students have taken the time to share what they are most thankful for.

  The most popular reason to be thankful amongst students wsa by far for their parents. Cloverleaf students feel eternally grateful for their mothers and fathers alike.

  Sophomore Reese Gold feels especially thankful for his father, and all the useful things he has taught him.

 “He teaches me stuff I’ll need later in life, like painting, carpeting, electrical and all that cool stuff,” Gold voiced.

  Junior Jackie Keller feels very thankful for her mother, who has worked so hard in order for Keller and her brother to be happy.

  “She is such an amazing person and has helped me through so much in my life,” Keller shared. “She has gone without so much just so I can have everything I wanted.”

   Colton Sadowski feels thankful for his mother, who has supported him throughout all the ups and downs of his life. 

  “She inspires me every day on what perseverance is,” Sadowski says. “She isn’t in the best health but gets up and goes to work every day and always has a smile on her face and puts things into perspective.”

  Junior Zachary Friess is new to Cloverleaf this year, and has shared how thankful he is for a new school. He feels very welcomed into the district after making so many new friends through doing Drama Club and swingchoir. 

  “I’m thankful for all the supportive and nice people at Cloverleaf,” Friess says.  “I usually hate being the new student but this year has been pretty good, everyone is extremely friendly and I feel included in everything. From being in drama, and being friends with all of them, to swingchoir as well. I’m thankful that the school and everyone in it has been so welcoming.”

    Family is very important to so many Cloverleaf students, as they value their family higher than anything else. Junior Jillian Donnelly is one of these students. 

   “I’m thankful for my family,” Donnelly says. “I am very close to my immediate as well as extended family. They are all so loving and fun to be around that I couldn’t imagine my life without them! Family means more than any money or thing could ever bring me.”

   Few students shared gratefulness for anything other than family, but some shared that they were.

  “I am thankful for art because art allows me and others to express themselves and feel a sense of freedom,” sophomore Mya Sincich remarked. 

  Cloverleaf students are very vocal in all the wonderful things they have to be thankful for!