Ohio State Football – Better Than Ever?

  THE Ohio State University, everyone knows it’s name, especially when talking about college football, and many other sports too. Ohio State has been atop the Big Ten East for quite some time, and it is not changing anytime soon according to Cloverleaf senior Blake Wilson.

  Many citizens of Ohio spend their Saturdays watching football, Buckeye football. Although this past Saturday was canceled due to COVID-19, Ohio State was projected to win. 

  Ranked number 3 for the College Football Playoffs, Ohio State will have their toughest challenger this week, ninth-ranked Indiana Hoosiers. 

  “Indiana is good, just not the same level as Ohio State,” Lifetime Ohio State fan, Wilson said. 

  With similar opponents, the Buckeyes have beat teams with a larger deficit than the Hoosiers, such as Rutgers and Penn State. This game is important because the victor will reign supreme in the B10 East.

  “The Buckeyes have been a fun team to watch for a very long time,” citizen Chad Baker said. “It takes some stress away from watching Ohio football teams.”

  Although the Browns struggle depending on the year, Ohio State is almost always a potential playoff candidate. With a total of 130 D1 College Football teams, making a four-team playoffs is a very big deal.

  Hopefully, Ohio State can pull out of the upcoming game Saturday at noon with a win, sealing their potentially toughest regular season matchup out with a win. This would also be their last top-25 ranked opponent this season.