Getting Your Driver’s License a Special Event for Teens

  Getting a license is a big part of your teen years and most kids look forward to this time of their lives. 

  Although the process of getting your license can be long, it can also be a fun learning experience with your driving instructor.

  “The driving in-cars were kind of nerve wracking at first,” said Lexi. “But in the end, I learned a lot and had fun while driving.”

  Teens also find excitement and other freedoms after getting their license.

  “I can go wherever I want without having my parents or friends take me,” said Sam Stevens. “It is also nice because I don’t have to ride the bus to school.”

  Recently with the new virus, Covid, driving tests are different to maintain social distancing.

  “Instead of driving on the road, the test was much simpler,” said Ashley Slife. “It was only me in the car and was completed in a parking lot.”

  Getting your license can also be scary to some teens if they are unsure of exactly what to expect.

  “During the driving in-cars, you learn how to complete multiple parts of the driving exam,” Matt Tanko said. “I wish I would have known how easy it would have been before taking it.”

  Finally, the experience does not only involve teens but their parents play a big part in driving too.  This can be a hard time for parents to adapt.

  “I was very nervous the first time my daughter drove on the road,” Stacy Carske said. “From being in accidents myself, it worries me that teens don’t understand all of the risks involved.”

  Overall, driving is a milestone in life that many students and parents get to experience together.