Cloverleaf Students Are Very Thankful This Holiday Season

  Students at Cloverleaf High School have many things they’re thankful for this holiday season, such as family, friends sports, material possessions and more. 

  Senior Kathy Habian is most thankful for her education and opportunities she has had in life over the years because not everyone has had the same experiences.

  “I am most thankful for my education and opportunities in life,” Habian said. “Not everyone is given the same chances and I have lots of options in life.” 

  What brings beauty to Habian’s everyday life is happiness and joy even when she is not having a good day. 

  “I am most thankful for happiness and joy,” Habian said. “Even if I am not having a good day seeing others happy reminds me about everything beautiful in life. Not everything is happy but remembering what is, gives me a good reason to keep a positive attitude.” 

  Sophomore Kaitlyn Carske is most thankful for the people around her and all the support they give her in reaching her goals. 

  “I am most thankful for my friends, family and teammates,” Carske said. “They help me reach my goals and support me day to day.” 

  What brings beauty to Carske’s everyday life are some of the simple things. 

  “I am most thankful for a nice house, clean clothes and food to eat,” Carske said. “By having these, life is easier and it makes me happy knowing I am able to go home to it every day.” 

  Junior Max Krzywkowski is most thankful for his good friends and all they do for him. 

  “I am most thankful for my friend, Kyle,” Krzywkowski said. “He’s helped me through a lot.” 

  What brings beauty to Krzywkowski’s life are the people around me every day.

  “I am most grateful for my family,” Krzywkowski said. “I know they really care about me.”