Online Schooling Works for Some Cloverleaf Students

  Because of Covid-19, some students are doing online schooling. It is very different from actually attending the school.

  Students can log on any time and attend around their own daily schedule. They have to email teachers daily to ask questions and get filled in about work that needs to be done. 

  Cloverleaf senior, Lisi Benyak, decided to attend online schooling for her senior year.

  ¨Doing online through Edmentum is the best decision I’ve made for myself,” Benyak said.

  She also goes on about the advantages.

  ¨Some advantages of working online would be going at my own pace and being able to work at whatever time is good for me,” Benyak said. 

  There are a few disadvantages of online school too.

  ¨I think a disadvantage would be not being able to see friends as often,” Benyak said. “A lot of people tend to miss socialization during this time.” 

  Lisi tends to work hard to get ahead in her classes.

  “I don’t have a specific amount of time I work on school but I make sure I log in every day and get a lot done,” Benyak said. 

  While being online, you can’t go up to teachers and get an answer right away. With being online, Benyak explains how she gets into contact with her teachers.

  “I interact with my teachers with questions and concerns with gmail,” she said.

  Brianna Batdorf also chose to go the online route this year.  Batdorf also thinks that online school is nice because she gets to work at her own pace. 

  ¨I think that you should be doing school work for at least five hours a day,” Batdorf said. ¨I usually get up around 8 to start.¨

  Batdorf also talks about how she prefers to use google meet to keep in contact with her teachers. 

  Although it is a weird year, and a little more complicated than normal, people are trying their best to stay on top of things.