Finding Some Winter Activities to Stay Sane

  Now that we are well into winter and the holiday season, people are looking for festive activities to keep them busy.

  While it is the time of year for ice skating and caroling, it can not be forgotten that the U.S. is still in the midst of a pandemic. The main objective of this year is to find a way to partake in winter and holiday festivities while still staying safe and following COVID-19 guidelines. 

  Castle Noel, a Christmas themed attraction in Medina, allows guests to take tours of the Santa museum and visit the mini golf course. In accordance with COVID guidelines, tour groups must have 10 people or less, and reservations and masks are required. 

  In addition to holiday themed events, traditional winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are still in high demand. Cloverleaf senior Cooper Flora snowboards often, and has plans to do it this winter  season.  

  “I’ll probably go later in the year when it’s colder and snows more,” Flora said. 

  While snowboarding may not be on everyone’s list of ideal winter fun, ice-skating is a classic winter pastime.

  Thankfully, the Huntington Bank Ice Rink in Akron’s Lock 3 is still operating as usual. Additionally, igloo rentals and putt-putt will be available starting Jan. 6. 

  Everyone needs a break this winter from their homes, and you just need to be creative and look around for a nice little break from the grind.