Playoffs Look Promising for Browns

  After a heartbreaking loss to the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago, the Cleveland Browns still have high playoff hopes and possibilities.

  The Browns played what will likely go down as game of the year in a competitive 47-42 loss on Monday Night Football against Baltimore.

  Things looked bleak following a Baker Mayfield interception that was quickly turned into points to give Baltimore a 34-20 lead, but Mayfield and the Browns weren’t going down easy. 

  After the interception, Mayfield went 12/15 for 151 yards, two passing touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown. After Mayfield connected with running back Kareem Hunt for a touchdown with 1:06 left, Baltimore and their Lamar Jackson-led offense completed a few dinks and dunks to give NFL legend Justin Tucker a chance to kick a 55-yard field goal which he did with ease with just two seconds left on the clock.

  The Browns would then lose the ball out of their own endzone for a safety on their final attempt at a miracle, but many fans felt even more confident after the loss that the Browns will be a playoff team.

  ¨That’s the guy they drafted #1 overall. After going over a month without an interception, Mayfield finally throws one in his biggest game as a Browns and he bounced right back,¨ Bob Sanford said in regards to the young star QB. 

  Sanford is also a fan of the passion of the team.

  ¨Before we would’ve played scared and just tried to not lose but whether we just turned the ball over or just scored a touchdown, every play we lined up like we wanted to prove to the world that we are for real,” Sanford said.

  Mayfield isn’t the only one getting attention, lifelong Browns fan Steve Sadowski is taking notice of the star duo in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. 

  ¨I have been watching football for almost 60 years now, and this is the best duo by far,” Sadowski said.  “They both can run with power, speed, catch passes and neither one of them fumble. They´re the best.¨

  The Browns look to get their playoffs hopes even higher this weekend against the Jets, and then they will finish the season against their long-time division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Browns will need at least one more win to hopefully secure their playoff dreams.