Gen Z Becoming More Involved in Politics

  Social media has sprouted many new ways of communication, as teens can broadcast their lives and opinions with a click of a button. 2020 was a year where many realized just how powerful social media has become. The media can dictate thoughts and opinions on controversial topics.

  Teens have taken advantage of this broadcasting ability, and have used it to express their opinions on political subjects. One major event that has lingered on is the 2020 Presidential Election, and the claimed fraud and the division between the parties.

  The media has significantly changed how much teens know about political events, and they are now more knowledgeable than ever. Many teens are also straying from their parents’ opinions and forming their own. 

  To see just how much teens know about current events, Cloverleaf High School students were asked their opinion on the supposed voter fraud and the 2020 election, a very hot topic in the country in recent weeks. 

  Junior Kevin Bittaker gave his take on President Trump’s claim of fraud.

  ¨Trump’s motive for the voter fraud allegations is him just being arrogant…. It’s extremely hypocritical because the Democrats investigated the Russians interfering with the 2016 election…. And Trump said there is no way there could be fraud,¨ Bittaker said.

   It is quite obvious that teens are very passionate about their viewpoints, and when asked questions about this event, they had viable information and backed their points up well. 

   Popular media outlets have taken a more Democratic stance, such as Tik Tok and Twitter, with Twitter even flagging comments talking about voter fraud. This has allowed many teens to form new opinions, and many have even turned from their more conservative parents. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is a part of growing up and expressing yourself.

  Social media also spreads bias, however, and can be harmful to teens as they grow and form their own opinions.

  Junior Ashley Kizzen believes the media is very controlling and anything but neutral.

  ¨I think it’s horrible because it is so biased,” Kizzen said.  “They don’t post facts. Social media should educate not put lies into our heads.¨ 

  Bittaker agreed with Kizzen’s stance.

  ¨Social media spreads many lies, not allowing teens to form their own opinions due to who they look up to on social media.¨

  Many think, however, that the Media positively allows for everyone to express themselves and their opinions.

  Junior Demi Davis believes everyone is allowed their first amendment rights.

  ¨Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and some teens have large platforms, such as on Tik Tok, and they are able to use their platforms to get out important information.¨ 

  Teen celebrities with large platforms are expressing their political opinions and who they planned on voting for. Though everyone should be allowed to express their own opinions, it is unclear whether the impact they are making is good or bad, and if many teens will simply follow them because of their status. 

  But then again, teens need to be exposed to others opinions, in order to form their own and receive information to help build that opinion. 

  Social media´s influence is extremely far reaching, and it is unknown if this impact is positive or negative, but one thing is for certain, it is not going away anytime soon.