Students’ Lives Changed When They Got to College

 Life as a student in colleges across America is very different right now. Due to the increase of Coronavirus cases, students will not have a normal experience.

  According to, among recent high school graduates ages 16 to 24, college enrollment rates for men and women were 62.0 percent and 69.8 percent, respectively. 

  This is saying that more than half of high school graduates go to college, and there are more women going for a higher education than men.

  Some people think that college is just like high school, but in reality, it is so much different. People are changing their views of the next four years after high school graduation.

  “College is so different from high school, and you definitely have more freedom. It’s just a good experience to get to meet so many new friends,” said Nick Bailey, a Cloverleaf graduate at Geneva College.

  “College is a lot of work to be honest,” Bailey added. “It takes up most of your time, but you definitely have to find breaks to have fun and make new memories.”

  During your high school career, you can visit multiple colleges and get information from different schools to see where you want to go. 

  “Cincinnati is such a different experience than I thought it would be,” freshman Megan Wurseig said. “It is so much fun and I have definitely made a lot of new friends.”

  One freshman has had a different start to his college experience.

  “Because of the Coronavirus, our college experience was not what I hoped to have, but it is still fun, and I think that hopefully things will be normal for at least one year of my college life. I want to have the same experience that other people got to have,” Kentucky freshman Shane Pipoly said. 

  All college students are getting a different experience and wish they could have a normal one, but as long as COVID-19 is around, their wishes of a normal year will not be granted.