College Students Are Struggling Too

  This year, college students have been hit with the strange reality of having to learn online.

  Everyone knows that college is supposed to be the time of your life when you have to spread your wings and see things for yourself. 

  Many parents worry about their children, but this year especially, with students being deprived of any social interaction and being stored away in their rooms.

  “This year has definitely been a hard transition to college because of everything going on with covid,” said Lauren Slife, a Cloverleaf graduate. 

  “Learning online makes it harder to stay motivated and focused,” added Slife. 

  For anyone, college is a chance to meet new people and make new friends, but when you aren’t allowed to come in contact with people that can become extremely difficult. 

  “It’s difficult making new friends and meeting new people and that’s what college is really all about,” said Sarasa Sivapatham, another 2020 Cloverleaf graduate.  “It’s hard to join clubs and find stuff to do because everything is shut down.” 

  Many college seniors this year are missing out on everything, especially the joy of graduation day. 

  “It definitely doesn’t feel like I’m graduating,” said Alexa Davis, a Cloverleaf graduate. “I remember being so excited for this day back when I was a freshman and now it’s being taken away from me.”

  Having all of these restrictions and not being able to enjoy college normally can really have a tough effect on a student’s mental health. 

  According to an article written by, an online questionnaire survey was administered to 359 children and 3,254 adolescents ages 7 to18 years during the spread of COVID-19 in China. The questionnaire included a depression scale, an anxiety scale, and a coping style scale.

  It showed 22.3 percent of youth had scores indicative of clinical depressive symptoms, which is higher than the 13.2 percent estimated prevalence of youth depression in China. Anxiety symptom levels were also higher after COVID-19 than previously reported.

  The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives and not for the better.  Many are ready to move on and forget this crazy time.