Many Searching for the ‘Normal’ They Can’t Have

  Christmas is one of the best times of the year and most people would agree. Aside from the presents and the food, you get to see your family and friends which brings great joy to a lot of people.

  Since Covid-19 has reared its ugly lead this year, it has, and will continue to limit the seeing of your loved ones.

  Christmas is normally celebrated with as many people as possible from extended family to neighbors to even just your siblings. Christmas brings in family from far away and you just enjoy each other’s company.

  For most people, it has worried many people and has left only the people in the house to celebrate. You always look forward to seeing your favorite cousin or your grandparents from Florida, but that’s all limited this holiday season.

  Grandparents are the biggest concern for some. Our elders are most at risk.

   “It sucks because usually every year for Christmas we have our whole family over,” said senior Addison Davis. “I really look forward to it, but this year no one is coming and it doesn’t feel like Christmas.”

  It not only is hard for the family, but also for the grandparents that can’t see their families and have to be alone. 

  “I have been looking forward to Christmas, but now it really doesn’t feel like it without my family all there,” said sophomore Emma Malikowski.
  With everything going on, families are trying to make the most of the holidays and just enjoy it to the best of their abilities.