Looking Back at Christmas Past

  Looking back at Christmas memories is a nostalgic activity for everyone, especially in this holiday season of COVID-19 craziness. Dec. 25, 2020 will certainly be an unusual ordeal, making reminiscing on Christmas past an even more sentimental feeling.

  For Cloverleaf High School Principal Jamie Lormeau, her favorite Christmas memory has been the same one for many years. Her family decorates the tree each year in the same way, what they have come to refer to as “The System.”

  “Each year we bring all the Christmas decorations up from the basement and put up the tree and place decorations everywhere while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Lormeau shared. “Looking back at these memories now makes me so thankful for all of my healthy and wonderful children.”

  Looking back at Christmas memories makes sophomore Reese Gold not only nostalgic, but a bit sad as well.

  “I always loved going to my grandparent’s house and seeing a load of presents just knowing that we wouldn’t leave until like one in the morning cuz everyone was talking and having fun,” Gold stated. “I miss it because things are different between family now.”

  Paige Brownson is still grateful for her Christmas present from years ago, which still remains her favorite memory and gift she has ever received.

  “My favorite Christmas memory was getting my dog, Stella, on Christmas morning,” Brownson explained happily. “Thinking about it now makes me feel happy and grateful that we got her.”

  When Emma Haught-Sharp looks back on her favorite holiday moments, she feels saddened at how different things will be this year.

  “My favorite Christmas memories were always our cousin’s family Christmas party because I could see all of my favorite people that I haven’t seen in almost a year,” Haught-Sharp shared. “Thinking about it now honestly makes me kind of sad because we weren’t able to have any parties this year because of COVID.” 

  For Doug MacFarland, looking back at holiday memories brings him back to the simpler days of childhood.

  “I have a memory of walking around with my family and looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Then we went and had hot chocolate, and it just made me feel so warm and excited for Christmas morning,” MacFarland explained. “I look back fondly on that memory because I was a child and life was simpler back then for me.”

  Cloverleaf Sophomore Amy Washinger reminisces on Christmas memories bittersweetly. 

  “I can remember my family and I sitting all together watching the Polar Express and Rudolph on Christmas Eve and once it was close to bedtime, we would always set out the cookies and milk and write a letter to Santa,” Washinger stated.

  “I feel like not having that excitement and the idea of genuinely believing makes it hard to reach that same ‘Christmas Spirit’,” Washinger added. “But at the same time, I still love to be surrounded by my family and friends during the holidays.”