Cloverleaf Students Hoping for a Chance to Come Back in 2021

  This has surely been a year like none other.  So many things have happened, good and bad.  One major change has been the COVID-19 pandemic that has put many schools on shutdown.

  ¨Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere,” said one headline in The Washington Post. “So schools must reopen.¨

  That is one of the opinions out there for all U.S. schools.

  However, on the other side of the spectrum, Governor Mike Dewine continues saying that it is ¨completely possible schools remain closed for the rest of the year.¨ 

  On March 12, 2020, the 2019-20 school year changed dramatically due to the pandemic. Students believed it was going to be a two-week spring break. It is now December 25, 2020, and schools are once again shut down to live learning. 

  The virus is still spreading, families are still separated from loved ones, and people are still working from home. While there may be only a few days left in 2020, there’s still a school year that lies in uncertainty to start 2021.  

  ¨As sad as it is being away from school, I don’t think there’s any chance we will return for this school year,¨ said sophomore Carli Pettijohn.

  It seems that students from Cloverleaf are mostly leaning towards that idea as well. 

  ¨It’s hard to tell since we are going into Christmas Break,¨ said senior Brady Roberts. ¨But I really don’t think we will go back this year.¨ 

  Pettijohn believes the school is doing as well as they can but it still is a struggle for students at times.

  ¨I think Cloverleaf is doing a good job with handling being online,¨ said Pettijohn. ¨However, all the Google meets can get confusing sometimes.¨

  Students struggle with online learning and being in front of a screen all the time.

  ¨If Cloverleaf were to change one thing about their online school schedule, it would have to be all the Google meets,¨ said Roberts. ¨It can get overwhelming sometimes, and it gets boring being on my Chromebook all day.¨ 

  All and all, the students don’t really see a return to Cloverleaf’s buildings in this school year’s future, but they are hopeful that things can change and allow for a safe return. Most students believe Cloverleaf seems to be doing a pretty good job at handling their online schooling in a tough situation. 

  2020 will definitely be a year that will be remembered for all of its events, but the hope is that 2021 will offer better options for a more normal schooling at some point.