Holiday Songs Help Bring Christmas Spirit

   Christmas is always a time of joy and spending time with family and friends. Due to COVID-19, Christmas is looking a little different this year.

   COVID-19 and the many lockdowns have made many people depressed and not excited for this holiday season considering all the differences.

   Listening to Christmas music is a simple thing to do that gets most people excited for the Christmas season no matter the changes.

   Torie Craig, a Cloverleaf graduate, listens to many Christmas songs and not always during the holiday season.

   “Jingle Bell Rock by the Glee cast in my favorite Christmas song,” Craig says. “This song, like many other Christmas songs, is so upbeat and gets me into the holiday spirit.”

   Craig says there is just something about Christmas songs that gets her excited.

   “All Christmas songs have something about them that gets me so excited for Christmas even during a pandemic when it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all,” Craig says.

   Christmas songs bring along many fun activities and get most people excited to do them.

   “Whenever I hear a Christmas song I just want to get a big cup of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie,” Craig says.

    Senior Melinda Thielenhaus says that Christmas songs make her wanna turn it up all the way and start singing.

   “My favorite Christmas song is definitely All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey,” Thielenhaus says. “This song makes me want to sing it as loud as I can and also gets me excited for Christmas.”

   Most people had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit simply because it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

   “When I hear a Christmas song, it reminds me to stay positive and even if it doesn’t feel like the holidays are right around the corner, they are, and I need to be joyful like I would any other holiday season,” Thielenhaus says.

   Junior Natalie Bailey enjoys the Christmas songs that you don’t hear every day.

   “My favorite Christmas song is Drummer Boy by Justin Beiber,” Bailey says. “This song is different from most traditional Christms songs and I play it whenever I want to sing along with my friends.”

   Some songs don’t always get you into the holiday spirit but they do put a smile on your face. 

   “Drummer Boy doesn’t really remind me of Christmas, but I still enjoy listening to it around the holidays,” Bailey says. “My favorite Christmas song that gets me into the holiday spirit is Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson because it is such a happy song.”

   Sophomore Mckenna Tabor listens to Christmas music sometimes all year round.

   “My favorite Christmas song is All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey,” Tabor says. “I listen to this song primarily to get into the holiday spirit but I will listen to it occasionally other times of the year just because it is a good song!”

   Junior Cooper Straub also likes Christmas songs that aren’t played on the radio every day.

   “My favorite Christmas song is Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley,” Straub says. “I like this song because you don’t hear it on the radio much during the holiday season which means it isn’t overplayed.”

   Most Christmas songs make people want to get up and sing and dance and forget about living through a pandemic.

   “This song makes me happy and makes me want to dance when I hear it on the radio,” Straub says. “This song helps me forget about COVID-19 and helps me get into the holiday spirit just like normal.”

   According to an article found on, holiday music can actually improve your mood.

   A good Christmas tune has a pleasant neurological effect in which the brain’s pleasure circuit is stimulated, releasing dopamine and serotonin which is responsible for those happy feelings. Plus, it will get you into the holiday spirit!

   Christmas songs have always been a tradition and many people listen to them whether they listen to them on the radio, hear them in stores, or play them at a Christmas party.

   This holiday is much different than others and most people don’t get to celebrate with the family and friends they used to celebrate with but Christmas songs never fail to help people forget about all the bad and remember the reason we celebrate this beautiful holiday.