Year in Review: One Student’s Take

  Many people are looking forward to 2021 after what most will say was a really bad year. 2020 had so many different things that happened during the year. 

  The year started off bad with the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and seemed to continue to get worse as it went on.

  There were Wildfires in Australia and they took out many animals and a bunch of trees. Many animals were left without places to live and their natural home destroyed.

  The Covid-19 virus was the biggest of the year spreading very fast and leaving everyone in fear. No one knew what the Virus was going to do or how we would react when someone contracted it.

  ¨I enjoyed the first two weeks of lockdown just playing Box and grinding Call of Duty,¨ Jake Hinke said.

  The month of March felt so long ago to many. In March, everyone was stocking up on food and locking down their homes. Families were coming together and playing board games and binge-watching many shows.

  Unfortunately, many people were left without jobs because the restaurant industry was left destroyed and quickly had to adapt to pick-up for all foods.

  Many restaurants, at places like the malls, went out of business with no one wanting to go out to eat for fear of contracting the virus.

  2020 also had a bunch of social injustice movements, including the killing of George Floyd that sparked many riots and protests. 

  Ronald Hicks III was out doing peaceful protesting and raising awareness and said, ¨Black lives matter. I just want people to know that.¨

  The country seemed to be divided as many were unhappy about businesses being destroyed because of the riots and looting.

  After the businesses just got back up and running from Covid-19, weeks later, they were destroyed by people just wanting their voices to be heard.

  The year slowly started to come to an end with the Presidential race and election. This year, there was much tension on who would be the next president of the United States.

  Cloverleaf senior Devin Patterson had his own thoughts on the year.

  “I had a great time in 2020 getting money by working and just making the most of my time,¨ Patterson said.