Senior Spotlight: Justin George

 This 2020-21 school year is fastly approaching an end. Seniors are faced with the decision of the future they want to pursue. 

  Justin George is a senior at Cloverleaf High School with bright plans for the future. Justin plans to study computer IT. 

  Justin has been interning at a company called Integrated IT Group. Along with interning every day during the week, Justin works at Centerra on the weekends. 

  Justin is a hard working person and student who never takes a day off. He continues to work hard to make his future bright.

  “I have really learned that I enjoy doing IT and computer science. It has taught and showed me what a full-time job would feel like and has taught me better time management,” says George.  

  When Justin leaves Cloverleaf, he wants people to remember his loyalty and honesty, to not only friends, family and strangers, but to God.   

  He is looking forward to the challenges that lie out there in life. He is eager to face the challenge of living alone and playing college baseball. 

  As the high school years are officially coming to an end, Justin will always remember the “ups and downs, the fun times and sad times, the losses of friends and the gains of friends.”

  “One thing high school has really taught me is who my true friends are and the impact I want to make on the world,” says George.