Boys’ Swimming Feature: Kevin Bittaker

  The Cloverleaf boys’ swimmers are shooting for a record breaking season. The team is currently 8-1, and looking to go 9-1 to break the school record. 

  One of the swimmers on this amazing team is junior Kevin Bittaker. Bittaker’s events include the 100-free, 200-free, and the 200-relay. He is super proud of the team and really confident that they are gonna strive in Sectionals and shoot for Districts.

  “It’s very exciting to make a run with all the seniors because it’s their last year here,” Bittaker said.

  After high school, Bittaker would like to attend The University of Cincinnati or OSU, to major in Nursing.

  “I want to go to the more physiatric or ER side of Nursing. I want to be able to help people learn about how we work that’s why I’m so interested in the field,” Bittaker said.

  Bittaker’s favorite teacher at Cloverleaf is his science teacher, Mr. Marty Ryan.

  “He is my favorite teacher due to the fact that he cares about all the students and makes sure everyone understands and will always be there to help if you get confused,” Bittaker said.

  When he gets a chance to go out and eat, Bittakers favorite restaurant is Wasabi.

  “They cook in front of you and it’s my favorite type of food,” he said.

  The team will continue to try and reach their goal of being one of the best boys’ swimming teams in the history of the school, and Bittaker will have a front row seat.