Girls’ Bowling Feature: Skyler Hustick

  The Cloverleaf girls’ bowling team has represented their school well, and they are competing well despite the unusual season. 

  The team consists of juniors Natasha Messmore and Christina Schoolcraft, sophomores Delayna Harvey, Raeann Hlavaty and Skyler Hustick, and freshmen Mallory Jason and Abby Fijakovitch. They do not have any seniors this year, making their record all the more impressive. 

  Hustick, a sophomore, makes a great addition to the team. Hustick has some background in the sport, with her aunt owning Kolony Bowl in Wadsworth, and her older brother, River Hustick, a 2020 graduate, previously being on the bowling team as well.

  “The bowling season is going pretty well, but covid has affected us,” Hustick said.

  The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on sports, and it certainly has changed the bowling season.

  “We have to wear a mask,” said Hustick, “and can only have six people in the bowling area so not everyone can go to all the matches.”

  The team seems to have persevered, however, and have had a good season with just a few losses. However, Hustick does have some new goals for next season.

  “My goal for the next season is to raise my average by 30 pins, and our team goal is to get better at Baker games,” said Hustick.

  Teamwork and bonding are extremely important during these crazy times, and Hustick looks back on the season fondly, even with the changes in protocol and the limit of bowlers per match. 

  When asked about her favorite memory from the season, Hustick was not short of answers. 

  “One of my favorite memories from the season is when we got a pizza together and had a really fun time because we were screaming our cheers, and we won!” stated Hustick.

  Though Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives, Cloverleaf athletes still have pride for their school and persevere, and Skyler Hustick is a great representation of that positive ideology.