Changes in School and the Adaptations that Go With It: A Junior Student Highlight

  The world is changing, and for many students, mental and physical adaptations may be too much too quickly for them to handle.

  Going from a completely normal life to suddenly being afraid of living a normal life in only a few days can take tolls on many people, including students who were in their final months of schooling.

  From normal, to a failed attempt at virtual, to a hybrid in-person and virtual, to a fully online schooling really can break a person down mentally.

  “School in 2019- 2020 was way more enjoyable and social than school in 2020-2021. I went from enjoying coming to school and feeling actually educated to feeling lost and stressed all the time,” described Junior Ashley Kizzen.

  “Virtual school this year was one of the hardest things I have ever done because I cannot learn on my own. Being in person with school keeps me on track and makes me feel accomplished but virtually I felt very unorganized and stressed out.”

  Although difficult, most students were able to at least make some sort of adaptation to the new ways of being taught, while others are unable to catch up with the consistent changes.

  “I still would not consider myself fully adapted. From starting in person going to online, having to join classes every day, to going right back to how we started, I am nothing but unorganized. It is hard to adapt to changes that constantly keep happening,” explained Kizzen.

  “Nothing is consistent and hard to follow, especially the times and assignments. Although one thing that has kept me on a better track is writing assignments down and keeping a calendar.” 

  Many people have used this time of change and adaptation to have a transformation or realization of who they are and how they are able to handle certain situations.

  “With school being so inconsistent, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. School has made me want to quit and not pursue a college degree. But, I have learned to overcome adversity and realize pain doesn’t last forever,” Kizzen said, considering her options.

  “This year has been an ultimate awakening for myself due to constant stress and not being able to see people. The more time I spent alone the more I learned who I am and what my limits are. I also learned more about my personality and interests that create who I am.” 

  Many people, especially students, wished that they had known about themselves that were revealed during this hard and stressful time that would have helped them a lot.

  “This year, I wish I would have told myself everything will work out. I wish I kept in mind how hard school is for everyone and how just because I am not doing as well does not make me any less of a person. I just wish that I understood that it is okay not to be perfect all the time,” said Kizzen, calmly and reassuringly.

  Getting through the first half of the school year is normally hard for most people, but especially after this past year with the hardest first half of school probably ever.  Many are now more accepting of change and surpassing hardships.

  “After going through the first semester, I feel more acceptable to change. I feel as if I know how to handle online school better. I feel more motivated to get better grades and earn higher test scores,” Kizzen expressed. “Just knowing that any circumstance can always be worse is helpful in being optimistic towards the future.”