Cloverleaf Sophomore Student Highlight Feature: Jaclyn Carske

  Cloverleaf Sophomore Jaclyn Carske is a well-rounded scholar student athlete that leaves a great impact on the people who surround her.

  Carske is involved in both fall and winter sports here at Cloverleaf High School and is always working to do better. She is very passionate about playing and uses sports to help her in other ways.

  “I play for the Cloverleaf girls’ basketball and volleyball teams. Sports have impacted my life in many ways and in some that can’t be described. I love the need to be a responsible student, athlete, teammate, and friend that all comes along with sports,” said Carske. “I love having something to do with the people I love and focusing on these things every day. Overall, sports have made me a better person inside and out.”

  Through her hard work and dedication to these sports, especially basketball, her coaches are able to see who she is both on and off the court. 

  “Jaclyn, on and off the court, couldn’t be more opposite. On the court, she’s a fierce competitor and always willing to learn. She puts in all the hard work that is asked of her,” said a former coach Lance Price. “Off the court, her true personality comes out. She’s a bubbly, fun, loving, caring person that is always willing to help someone out.”

  While working hard during sports, constantly going to practices, and toggling with outside conflicts, Carske is also a very hard working student.  She keeps her grades up and still is able to bring joy to many people’s lives, especially in the classroom. 

  “Jackie was a pleasure to teach in Honors Geometry.  She always tackled assignments, tasks, and group work in an organized manner,” said CHS math teacher Kyle Savanick. “Jackie was also a great participant in activities or games. I always appreciated her willingness to volunteer and contribute to our classroom learning experience!”

  Carske has made many great friends here at Cloverleaf but specifically looks up to one student, junior Tori Smith, who is like Carske’s other half.

  “Tori is the best of friends anyone could ever ask for. She’s always there and supporting me in whatever I am doing. If I don’t feel well, she’s there. If I need someone to talk to, she’s there. If I’m bored, she’s there. Overall, Tori is a wonderful person and has a great impact on my life. I adore every second I spend with her,” said Carske. “I look up to her because of how well she treats her friends and family.”

  Smith has also been highly impacted from her close friendship with Carske and thinks highly of her and her personality. 

  “Jaclyn has impacted my life in many ways but she stepped in my life when I wasn’t very happy and changed the way I look at life,” Smith said. “She never lets me stay upset and she is always making my bad days good. I have never met someone that does what she does.”

  Moving with great potential, a desire to care for others, and her love for animals Carske is looking forward to a future that would require all three of these. 

  “I am looking forward to being a Veterinarian Technician,” said Carske. “I enjoy working with animals and knowing that I could help them live a better life.”

  Overall, Carske is a great student, friend, and athlete with a promising future in the way she is headed.