Wrestling Feature: Lakota Hagenbaugh

  Lakota Hagenbaugh is in his sophomore year of high school. Hagenbaugh is a wrestler and has been wrestling for 10 years. He has lost just a few matches, and has won many. Even through the COVID restrictions, the season is going well for Hagenbaugh. 

  For Hagenbaug,h there are many fun and enjoyable parts of wrestling. The best part for him is being able to interact with many different people. 

  “The best part about wrestling is hanging out with the team,” Hagenbaugh said. “I also enjoy talking to people from other schools.”

  Hagenbaugh explains that what got him into wrestling was his father. He got into wrestling at a really young age and has not wanted to stop since he started. 

  “My dad got me into wrestling,” Hagenbaugh said. “I was really young when I started and I have not really stopped since.” 

  Despite all the COVID-19 restrictions, Hagenbaugh says he has still been able to make the best of the season and have fun. 

  “At the beginning of the year, it was patchy due to COVID, and trying to adjust,” Hagenbaugh said. “However, now it is going good and I am making the best of it.” 

  For Hagenbagh, the wrestling season has been going well. Hagenbaugh is excited for the postseason. 

  “It’s been going good,” Hagenbaugh said. “I’ve lost a few that I should have won, but I will just have to win them in Sectionals.”