Cloverleaf Gymnasts Working Hard and Making the Best of It

  The Cloverleaf gymnastics team is directed by head coach Staci Thornburg. The girls have been working very hard inside and outside of the gym. 

  Covid-19 has, of course, impacted their sport, but they go into the gym each day and make the best of it. Goals have been set, and reached so far in this season. 

  “My goal for this season is to shake off my mistakes and strengthen my routines while also tweaking the little things to become better,” freshman McKenna Tabor says.

  Although the girls have had some setbacks, due to the virus, they still try to work hard, and push in the gym to enjoy any last moment they can in the gym. 

  “My goal for this season is to be open to trying new things and new skills,” senior Melinda Thienlenhaus says.

  With this being Melinda’s last year with the girls, she says she has goals.

  “One thing I plan to leave behind for the underclassmen is to make sure they’re always having fun and always trying their best in and out of the gym,” she said.

  “This season is like no other,” says Thornburg. “But the girls have made this the best possible with all of the safety precautions.”

  With Covid numbers still looming, the coaches have had some safety measures put into place. Some of those include social distancing of 6 feet, masks when not actively competing, and sanitizing and wiping the mats often.

  The 2021 Gymnastic season is different from all the others, but one to never be forgotten with these dedicated girls.