Wrestling Feature: Cade Cass

  Junior Cade Cass is a member of the 17-3 wrestling team at Cloverleaf High School. 

  Outside of wrestling, Cade is also a part of the football team at Cloverleaf, and he enjoys reading and watching The Office.

  With any sport, athletes have to figure out how they will make time for both school and the sport they are participating in.

  “Balancing school and wrestling is very difficult especially with the extra time you have to put into the sport,” says Cass. “The biggest thing is setting a schedule and sticking to it, especially with homework.”

  As everyone knows, Covid-19 has been affecting sports around the world this year, cancelling and pushing back events, and wrestling season has had to deal with plenty of cancellations.

  “The hardest thing about this Covid-19 season is the lack of tournaments,” Cass says. “Those are the big events, so not being able to go to those and get a lot of wrestling in just in a day is disappointing.”

  Some people can see wrestling as a confusing sport, but for people like Cade Cass, it’s an enjoyable sport to participate in year after year.

  “My favorite part of wrestling is how individual the sport is,” Cass remarks. “Once you step on the mat, it’s you and the other person across from you, whoever wins, wins.”

  With the great year the Colts are having, Cass has big goals for himself and the team for the rest of this season.

  “My goal for the rest of this season is to be a conference champion,” Cass states. “I want to be conference champ both as an individual and as a team, along with being a state qualifier.”

  Cade Cass and the Colts will participate in the MAC Conference tournament this Sunday, hoping to get their chance at a conference title.