Will They Still Be There?

 At the end of high school, we all go in different directions and often go to different universities than our friends. With all these changes, can we stay friends with our high school friends?  

  It is often complicated to keep in touch with high school friends because university life and working life are very busy and it is sometimes difficult to find time for them.

  “It’s difficult, we try to send messages to each other,” said Ines Etienne. “I’m very busy and we don’t live in the same city anymore and I’ve met other people but I try to see them as soon as I can.”

  High school friends often grow and evolve together and have an impact on each other.  They often stay important no matter what happens.

  “It makes me very sad that I don’t see them often anymore,” said Ines Etienne. “In high school, we look for ourselves a lot and we go through a lot of phases and they have been there for me. They will always be important.”

  Keeping in touch is very important because they are special people and seeing how they evolve while staying friends with them is vital.

  “It’s important to me that they know I’m always there for them,” said Marine Dominicy. “I graduated six years ago and talking with them all the time is great.  I continue to grow with them and have lots of memories together.”

  With social networks, keeping in touch with people has become easier. It’s convenient to get news and see what others are doing or have become.

  “Social networking obviously makes everything easier,” said Marine Dominicy. “We can send each other messages and answer when we have time. We can also look at what others are doing and react if we want. That’s why I’m still in contact with them.”

  Relationships in high school are important because it’s the beginning. We try a lot of new things with our friends which creates important memories.

  “It is with them that I have tried the most things and made the most mistakes,” said Antoine Van Hoye. “All these memories are very important when I will be old. I will always remember them and it will always make me smile.”

  Most people only stay in touch with their real friends from high school, not their acquaintances.

  “A sorting is done naturally,” said Antoine Van Hoye. “My closest friends stayed and we still have contacts. The others don’t and it doesn’t matter, it’s just the way it is.”