Junior Feature: Jacquelyn Keller

  Jacquelyn (Jackie) Keller is a junior who has been attending Cloverleaf since her eighth grade year. Keller is currently involved in golf and DARE. 

  Her hobbies include shopping, golfing, and hanging out with friends.  To get to know Keller a bit better, she was asked some random questions.

  When asked what the most random item in her refrigerator, Keller told us about the ‘keep fresh crystal’ her mother keeps in the fridge.

  “My mom has had it in the fridge for over five years… I don’t know what it does but it just kind of sits in the back of the fridge,” Keller shared.

  When asked whom Keller would most like to trade lives with, she decided she would not like to trade lives with anyone at all.

  “I do not know who I would trade lives with,” Keller stated. “I am very content and happy with the life I’m living currently, so that’s my answer.”

  When asked what historical event she would most like to witness, Keller gave a rather unexpected answer. 

  “I feel like I would want to go back and witness the Hollocaust,” Keller said. “I would like to do this because I feel like it is such an important thing that happened in our history and you can take so much from just learning about it and I feel like directly being there and witnessing it could take the understanding and learning of the actions to a whole new level.” 

  Another one of Keller’s favorite hobbies is to sing, whether it be in front of friends and family, in the car, or even in front of an audience.

  When asked about her favorite songs, Keller stated, “My favorite song at the moment is probably ‘What is Shame’ by Leyla Blue.”

  “She’s a new artist and I just really, realy like the song. It has an awesome beat and it’s just amazing… she is so talented,” Keller shared.

  Lastly, Keller was asked what she would most like her first name to be, if it weren’t Jacquelyn.

  “If I could change my name I would probably change it to something a little bit cooler,” Keller claimed. “I guess because Jacquelyn really is not that cool so I feel like Katia would be a really cool name. I was actually originally going to be named that, so I think it would be really fitting.”

  Best of luck to Keller in finishing her junior and senior year at Cloverleaf High School!