Boys’ Basketball Fight for the Right to March On

   All sports worldwide are looking a lot different than they ever did. COVID-19 has completely changed all sports. 

   These changes are making it difficult for athletes to buckle down for the season and get serious.

   Cloverleaf High Schools boys’ basketball team isn’t letting COVID-19 ruin their season.The team was recently quarantined but they are not letting that stop them. 

   Junior starter Ashton Newton has kept a very positive attitude about this season and that has been a big benefit for the team.

   “Throughout quarantine, we all kept in touch because we all know how important it is to stay fresh and not let this become a major setback,” Newton says. 

   The changes that had to be made due to covid have made things a bit more challenging for the players but this team has found a way around it.

   “This season is a bit more interesting than previous seasons,” Newton says. “The atmosphere of the games is tremendous, but our bench and players do a really great job of keeping the energy up.”

   Due to Covid, nobody is really sure how the rest of their season will look but the team is keeping a good mindset. 

   “I am hoping to at least finish out the season and it would be nice to finish it out on a good note,” Newton says. “We are all hoping to go pretty far into the playoffs and keep the positive energy up.”

   The team has had a pretty good season so far and they are hoping to keep it going.

   “The season is going good; we have missed a few close games but when we all play together as a team it is hard to match our energy and intensity,” Newton says.

   Senior starter Nate Riley has also kept his head up this season and has had a great season so far. 

   “This season has been a bit rocky, but overall, I am just happy that we are getting to play,” Riley says. “With Covid, we have gotten a little behind especially because we had to quarantine and now we have to play more games in less time.”

   Playing more games with less time is hard but Riley is confident.

   “I am fine with playing more with less time to practice in between,”  Riley says. “I know some guys will struggle, but if we play as a team and work together, we will be fine.”

   During quarantine, some players did things to benefit the team and some took some time off.

   “During quarantine, I rested because I have been injured the entire season.” Riley said. “I wanted to rest up so I could get back on the court and focus when quarantine is over.”

   The team has been working really hard this season and is very happy that they have gotten to play during these times.

   The team is all hoping to make it pretty far into the playoffs, and continue to work hard and finish off the season on a great note!