Super Bowl LV: G.O.A.T. vs. Young G.O.A.T.

  Super Bowl 55 will mark the end of a historical season in the NFL. Not only is this the first time a team has been at their home turf for the special game (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), this is also the 10th time Tom Brady has made it to the Super Bowl, and the first time in the NFC.

  Tom Brady has made his pitch to NFL fans everywhere as to why he is the G.O.A.T. Although he was knocked out early in the 2020 playoffs, Tom Brady and his Patriots beat the Chiefs 31-37 in overtime to go to the Super Bowl in 2019. 

  Although Patrick Mahomes is young, he has quite the promising future ahead of him. After spending his rookie season as a backup, Mahomes led his team to the AFC Championship in all 3 of his years as a starting NFL quarterback.

  Surely these two will come to play, but both teams have their weak spots.

  “I don’t think the Chiefs secondary will be able to handle the Tampa Bay receivers,” NFL fan Nick Farnsworth said. “…and when it comes to the Bucs-as long as Tom Brady doesn’t throw three interceptions again, they have a good chance,” he said.

  However, watchers of Brady aren’t concerned “Tom ‘The Tank’ always steps up when his team needs him the most. Tom Brady super-fan Tyler Wojdacz believes in him.

  “The Chiefs are a super team and need to be slowed down in order to give #12 a chance to get to work,” he said.

  When it comes to expert picks on ESPN, the Chiefs won, picked by 10 out of 12 reporters. Surprisingly, a player who has been in Super Bowls about every other season he’s been in the NFL is now looked at as the underdog.

  “I wouldn’t say Brady is the underdog,” senior Nick Leonard said. “I would just say the Buccaneers defense is the underdog.”

  Watching Kansas City’s offense attempt to torch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense will be the exciting part of the Super Bowl, however, the Chief’s defense slowing down Tom Brady just enough will be what wins this game.