Super Bowl Predictions at The Leaf

   It is about that time of the year! The NFL Super Bowl is right around the corner and approaching fast! This year, the game is going to be an exciting one!

   The two teams facing off in this year’s game are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers representing the NFC and the Kansas City Chiefs from the AFC. Tom Brady has found his way to the big game again, despite joining a new team this season, and is going for his 7th ring of his career. Patrick 

Mahomes is back as well, being the defending Super Bowl champs. 

   Both teams have had fantastic seasons this year despite everything going on in our world. Regardless of who wins, it is sure to be an amazing finale to a great season of NFL football. Now the question arises, who is going to win it all?

   “I think it will be the Chiefs for sure,” said senior Grant Swain. “Their team is just all around so stacked. Mahomes is amazing and all of the players he has around him. They will for sure pull it off.”

   “I think that the Buccaneers are going to win,” said sophomore Kaylee Fleming. “Tom Brady has been there too many times. He has so much experience and so many wins under him, and in a game this big you have to roll with Brady.”

   Both teams have so much going for them which is why it is going to be such a good game. Either team could really win, and it will be super competitive for sure no matter who comes out on top.

   The Chiefs have the young squad loaded with speed and talent. Patrick Mahomes has had an insane start to his career already winning a Super Bowl and an MVP by 25. The best part is he shows no signs of slowing down.

   The Buccaneers are another team that is just loaded with talent. Their weapon is Tom Brady, who already has 6 Super Bowl wins under his belt and has the experience to take his team over the top and win a big game.

   Regardless of who wins, it is going to be a fantastic game. Both teams are loaded with talent and have had phenomenal success to this point. This Sunday, we will finally get to see who is going to come out on top.