Super Bowl Ads: Very Pricey Again

  This year’s Super Bowl is a big game between Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

  As always, many people will be tuned in to see the big event. Some people will be watching the game to see who wins.

  Other people will be watching the game strictly for the halftime show. It’s no question how many people will be watching the big game.

  With all these people watching, companies will have an opportunity to sell their product to all the viewers with all the commercials that will be on.

  The average cost of a 30-second ad during last year’s Super Bowl was $5.6 million. Companies are willing to pay the price to continue to promote their product or business.

  Lots of the big companies recently are the people with commercials. Commercial ad prices have nearly doubled over the past decade and there is no sign of slowing down.

  Ad time sells for around $175,000 per second, which is much higher than any other event on the planet. The cost of a commercial spot during the football season is closer to 9 times lower than that of a Super Bowl ad.

  Around 50 minutes of the event will be commercials throughout the night. The very first commercial receives the most attention usually.

  The most shared Super Bowl ad of all-time is Volkswagen’s 2011 Star Wars-themed ad ‘The Force’. The ad was released on YouTube prior to the game, a move that was revolutionary at that time, and racked up over 17m views before kick-off. Today, the spot has over 63m views.

  Devin Patterson Cloverleaf senior says he will be watching.

  “My favorite commercials I look forward to every year are the Doritos commercials. They are very funny and never disappoint,” Patterson said.

 Cole Yagersz talked about the commercials.

 “I don’t like seeing the car commercials. They are very bad each year and people I think are paying too much attention to those,” Yagersz said.

  The Super Bowl will be coming off one of the most-watched non-Super Bowl games ever: Packers vs Bucs. This should lead to a very promising viewership for the Super Bowl and will give companies the chance to show off their commercials.