Super Bowl Ad Anticipation

  This year, Super Bowl LV will be held at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be fighting for the championship on Sunday, Feb. 7, at 6:30 pm. 

  Some of the best parts about the Super Bowl are the new ads that have never been seen before. Big companies pay millions of dollars to have their ad run during the Super Bowl and most fans love seeing what they come up with. 

  So far, Pringles and Tide have already released the commercial they are planning on showing during the Super Bowl. Fans should expect to see many of their favorite celebrities in the ads this year.

  Brody Wittman, a senior at Cloverleaf High School, loves watching the Super Bowl with his family. He was asked if he is excited for the new ads that will be shown during the game.

  “Yes, I’m very excited. My dad and I love seeing all new ads and we look forward to them this year,” Wittman said.

  Brody was also asked about which company usually makes his favorite ad.

  “Doritos, because they are usually interesting and funny,” he said.

  Logan Tierney also loves watching the Super Bowl with his family. He was asked what Super Bowl commercials are usually his favorite.

   “I’ve always liked the Bud Light commercials, especially with Post Malone,” he said. 

  Logan says he is very excited for the Super Bowl this year and that “it’s a great matchup.”

  Many companies have started to release teasers for their Super Bowl ads and fans are hoping that the ads will be as good as the game!