Fall Activities: Visit an Apple Orchard

  With the fall season quickly approaching, and the weather cooling off, that means it is time to find new activities to do outside. Instead of going to the beach, or the pool, people will be going to pumpkin patches and haunted houses.

  One of the slightly less popular places to visit that has been on the rise are apple orchards. They offer some of the same activities like hayrides, and instead of pumpkins, you get apples.

  “You can pick apples and create your own fun,” says senior Cooper Straub.

  Even though carving pumpkins has been a tradition for families for many years, it can be repetitive and boring after a couple years. But instead of carving the pumpkins, you can make many different things with the apples.

  “There were apples everywhere,” said Emilio Riviera. “It was kind of weird.”

  Although they may not be as popular to most people, they can be something new to do and most of them also offer pumpkin patches to get you in.

  “Unless you go with friends or family, they can be boring, but it is definitely something different,” says senior Tori Smith.

  So when you are looking for another activity this fall, keep the orchard in mind.