Scariest Haunted House in America

  Located in Lawrence County, Tennessee, McKamey Manor is considered to be one of the scariest haunted houses in America.  This terrifying experience could leave you being mind controlled, hypnotized, and even buried alive with tarantulas.

  What makes it worth it some may ask?  Well, there is no entrance fee to get in, and the prize money for making it all the way through is a whopping $20,000!

  Although some may find it easy for them to get through and win, there is a $500 reduction for every failed challenge and use of profanity.  No one has ever successfully made it through the entire attraction.

  It could be argued that this haunted house is more of a torture house.  Some of the contestants pull out their own teeth, cut their hair, and rip out their own nails.

  Russ McKamey, the mastermind behind the house loves making people scared and crazy.

 “With the use of hypnosis and other types of mind control techniques that we use, we can get them to do some crazy things – but they still have to be willing to do it, they have to, you know,” McKamey explains.

  McKamey is considered a psychopath by many.

  There was one contestant who made it through 6 out of the 8 hours that the attraction entails.  She didn’t complete it, but she does hold the record for the longest time there.