Creating Some Fall Memories in Pictures and Fun

  Here comes the Fall, and it’s coming really fast. The trees are turning colors and that makes for some very good pictures. 

  One good place to take good pictures is Buckeye Woods.

   “It’s a good place to take pictures because there’s a lake and lots of trees,” sophomore Vanessa Sweitzer said. 

  Another good place to take pictures in the Fall is the Black River Nature Preserve. The rating for the park is a 4.6, and there are lots of beautiful pictures from it.

  There is a lot more than just beautiful parks, there’s a lot of farms you can take pictures and enjoy. 

  “I love going to farms and taking pictures and seeing the animals and getting lots of pictures for good memories,” Elian Zayed said.

  One good pumpkin patch you could go to is Ramseyer Farms. It has a rating of 4.8, and most people have lots of memorable photos taken.

  Another frequently visited site is Stony Creek Farm. It is a great place to be and take pictures.    

  “I have never been there but it looks like a great place,” Savannah Barker said.

  More people have been talking about Beriswill Farm and want to know more about it. Reviews from everyone say the corn field is the best place to take photos.

  More and more places are becoming Fall hot spots for photos.  Many people are coming up with great setups and finding what they want on their Instagram.