Future Spirit Days at CHS

  Homecoming Spirit Week was a little different this year, but everybody can agree that it was great to have some normalcy since the 2020 version was pretty much non-existent.

  Not many people actually participated this year, which was a little disappointing. There were many complaints on the days, and some students even claimed that nobody wants to participate in something that is not very fun. 

  Senior Cade Cass believes that we could change some days to make things better and to get more people to participate.

  “I would say to make the themes more interesting to the people,” Cass said.  “Make them more funny and interesting because then more people would participate in them.  I would enjoy them if we got a say in them, and that would make a good amount of people participating.” 

  Students would really love to get more people to take part in this great tradition. It really brings the school together, and it is always a good thing when the school looks and feels spirited. 

  Senior Emilio Rivera has some ideas for a change.

  “We should change them up sometimes because we are alway having the same ones and that’s one big thing people get tired of doing the same thing over and over,” Rivera said.  “I would also do PJ day because that is something you can not go wrong with.” 

  One thing to look forward to in high school is the spirit week days. We need to find a way to reach the whole student body and get people to participate in more of the school spirit to create an atmosphere we can be proud of at CHS.