Are You Ever Too Old to Trick or Treat?

  Trick or treating is a well known Halloween tradition that involves dressing up in some sort of costume and parading around a town or neighborhood collecting candy from doorsteps. It is most popular among small children, but is it weird for teenagers and adults to do, as well?

  Cloverleaf students are between the ages of roughly 14 and 18, and held mixed opinions about if they were too old to trick or treat, and how old others should be when they need to stop.

  “Past 21, you’re too old to trick or treat,” Cloverleaf Senior Kyla Bryant says. “Past that age you could be bringing substances that would be at Halloween pirates, things kids shouldn’t be around.”

  Bryant brings up a point that was popular in responses, as many students felt trick or treating should be a family friendly activity, and older teens and adults could bring in elements that are not appropriate for kids. 

  Cloverleaf Senior Cooper Straub brings up a good argument, which is that people trick or treating aren’t necessarily going for themselves, but in order to watch their younger family or friends.

  “I don’t think you’re ever too old to trick or treat,” Straub states. “I think you transition from going with friends to trick or treat for yourself to taking other young people and getting them interested in Halloween.”

  Cloverleaf Sophomore Reese Swiney feels there is no age for one to be too old to trick or treat because it’s a good time no matter how old you are.

  “I don’t think anyone is ever too old to trick or treat,” Swiney shares. “It’s just a fun time to get with friends and get lots of candy and share it with each other.”

  There are certainly mixed feelings about whether there is a certain age one is too old to go trick or treating!