What You Need to Know about the History of Pumpkins

  Carving pumpkins into jack-o-’lanterns is one of the most popular Halloween traditions that originated hundreds of years ago. In Ireland, jack-o-’lanterns were made out of turnips or potatoes.

  “I have been carving pumpkins since I was a little kid,” said junior Annabelle Lormeau. “I look forward to doing it with my family every year.” 

  It wasn’t until Irish immigrants arrived in America, and discovered the pumpkin, that a new Halloween ritual was born. Now, pumpkins are commonly placed on porches in the Fall months.

  Pumpkins can be purchased at any local grocery store, pumpkin farm, and even at local Amish houses.

  “Usually, I get my pumpkins at the store,” said one CHS student. “I really enjoy carving pumpkins.”

  Pumpkin patches have become very popular. Pumpkin patches are the home of many activities, including mazes, hay rides, and great photo opportunities.

  “I love going to pumpkin patches,” said senior Olivia  Molnar. “I think they’re fun place to go on dates too.”

  According to Waste Dive, 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins end up in a landfill every year. After you carve pumpkins this Fall, make sure to leave them outside and not in your trash can.