Fall Foods Bring Out Tastes of the Season and More

  With Fall upon us, many people start to prepare their Fall food they are having during Thanksgiving and family gatherings.

  The most common question that is asked is what is your favorite seasonal food to have during the Fall season.

  “I would have to say homemade Thanksgiving stuffing because it’s really enjoyable,” sophomore Kourtni DeMell says. “Once a year, we get to have it.”

  Many people have the argument about which is better, pumpkin or apple, during the Fall. 

  “I love a classic pumpkin because it brings such good fall vibes,” Demell replies.

  At many Fall gatherings, people contribute to making or buying many deserts that they will have after their full meal. Some deserts are more liked than others, and some you would never think to have during a Fall occasion.

  “I like pumpkin pie; it is the best because it is the best tasting dessert that we have during this time,” freshman KK said.

  While all of these desserts and foods come already prepared at the stores, some people like to make their own food for these gatherings.

  “I like making the food because it is always nice having homemade food at family gatherings, and homemade food is always much tastier,” KK adds.

  During these season changes, many fun activities take place too, and others’ bucket lists are rapidly increasing. 

  “My favorite activity to do in the Fall is play soccer outside with my friends and my family,” freshman Ben Myers says.

  The most asked question that many people have totally different opinions on is the thought on haunted houses.

  “Yes, I do like haunted houses. I like haunted houses because they are very fun and I like getting scared,” Myers replies.

  As the Fall season rolls on, many pumpkin patches and orchards are in full force and allowing people to come and have a blast.

  “My favorite pumpkin patch to go to in the Fall is the comfort of my dad’s own garden,” sophomore Shea Stutz says.

  Coming home from a long day is always the best when you sit around and watch your favorite Halloween movies with your friends and family.

  “Some of my favorite Halloween movies are Spooky Buddies and I also really like Ghostly,” Stutz says.

  As the years go on, the number of haunted houses is increasing and it seems like more people are attending them.

  “My favorite haunted house at the moment is the Slaughterhouse that is located in Chippewa Lake,” junior Ashley Slife says.

  Lastly, one of the top Fall activities to do with friends and family is carving pumpkins. Some people enjoy carving pumpkins and others do not like them.

  “No, I do not like carving pumpkins because it is too much work and I don’t like the stuff that is in the inside of the pumpkin,” Slife replies.

  There are many foods, desserts, activities, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, movies, and pumpkin carving that you can do during the Fall season with your friends and family, so what are you waiting for?