Foreign Exchange Student Feature: Pauline Galand

  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? Pauline Galand is from Belgium, and is a foreign exchange student at Cloverleaf High School. There is a difference in culture between the United States and Belgium.

  “Everything is bigger,” stated Galand. 

  Transitioning from one grade to another could be hard for some, let alone transferring from Belgium to the United States. 

  “It was not that hard, just the food is different,” Galand said. “School is easier, so that is a good thing.” 

  Being a foreign exchange student could be hard because connections you would create in the time away from home. 

  “My host family and my friends are going to be the hardest to leave,” Galand said. “The way of life here is cool and less stressful.” 

  During Pauline’s time away from home so far, she has made many new friends and experiences. 

  “My first football game and the Homecoming dance, oh my gosh, it is like being in a movie for me,” said Galand. 

  Pauline misses many things as she embarks on this journey and experience away from her home. 

  “I miss my family, my boyfriend, and my way of life,” said Galand. 

  During Pauline’s time here, she has created close relationships with many people.

  “I will miss my host mom, Kyla, and Ana (another exchange student), the most when I leave,” said Galand. 

  Overall, during Galand’s experience, she has made many new friends and new experiences she is very thankful for.