Favorite Fall Activities to Look Into

  Fall is a wonderful time of year, so much to do and see, so many activities to participate in, and a great time to try new things. 

  “My favorite activity to do in Fall is pick pumpkins, so I can carve cool things on them with my friends,” sophomore Griffin Petrocci said. 

  During the Fall, there are so many activities to partake in, and a lot of people don’t get to do everything. Some people like to look forward to Fall so they can try new activities. 

  “I would like to go to a haunted house with my beautiful girlfriend, Natalie, and her cute friend, Taylor,” Petrocci said. 

  Families from all over the world have traditions, some different from others. Fall is a great time to make and continue traditions with all the fun activities to do with your family. 

  “Me and my family always go pumpkin picking and go on a fun little hayride,” said Petrocci. 

  When you hear Fall, some of the main things that come to mind include pumpkin spice, apple picking, and hayrides. For Petrocci, pumpkin spice is not one of his favorites. 

  “Pumpkin spice is not really my cup of tea; I prefer more fruity things like strawberries,” Petrocci said. 

  In Fall, everyone has their favorite activities but for some people Fall just isn’t for them. 

  “I really just don’t enjoy jumping in leaves, even though my friends make me, so they can take cool pictures for our Christmas cards, “ said Petrocci.