Get Out and Visit Some Haunted Houses While You Can

  October is one of the most favorite months in the year because of all of the fun and festive activities that one can do. 

   One of the most fun activities you can do during the month is to visit and go to haunted houses with your friends and family.

  “I have a lot of fun at haunted houses because you never know what or when someone is going to jump out and scare you,” says William Jerome.

  Haunted houses, although they are scary, allow you to have a great time with your friends and family, but they are sometimes a little pricey. 

  “I’ve only ever gone to one haunted house in my life, and it was fun, but I thought that the price was too expensive for what I got out of it,” said Dillion Kirby.

  October is a time that all kids love because everyone likes dressing up and getting candy.

But who also doesn’t like going out and being scared out of their comfort zone because of the way some haunted houses are now. 

   “There’s honestly nothing more fun to do than go to haunted houses during October,” explained Austin Peterson. “ They are just always a good time.”

  If you have nothing to do on a Friday night, or on the weekend, a haunted house should definitely be on the list in October. 

  Haunted houses are to be fun and test even the bravest of people because of their nightmare-like settings. 

  “I always get too scared to go to them because they are just too much for me, and I always have to hold on to people,” said Katie Fritts.

  Haunted houses are a fun time and people should go to them whenever they have the chance due to the fact that they are a seasonal thing. Go out and get your tickets today.