The Big Debate: The Best Halloween Movie Of The Season

  On Oct. 1, the spooky season begins, and as Halloween comes closer, the debate about what Halloween movie is the best is discussed every season. The best Halloween movie does not only have to be about the guts and the murderous villains, but the best movie could also be about a family trick or treating or a friendly ghost. 

  Many horror buffs tend to get the biggest thrill during the Halloween season because marathons play of the scariest Halloween movies. To get to the bottom of which horror movie is the best, not just the scariest, you have to look at the best plot line and villain. 

  Halloween is a whole movie series that started in 1976. There have been 13 movies created. All 13 movies star one main serial killer, Michael Myers, who terrorizes a town and kills people, but for some reason no matter what the citizens try, he can never be killed.

  Dillon Kirby, a junior, believes his favorite horror movie is Halloween.

  “It has the word Halloween in the title, and a lot of people are scared to be killed on Halloween,” said Kirby.

  He has some favorite aspects about Michael Myers, the main character. 

  “He is very discreet and no one has ever seen his face,” Kirby said. “He never ends up dying throughout each movie.”

  Senior Emilio Rivera‘s favorite scary movie of the season is also Halloween. According to Rivera, it’s his favorite because the setting is on Halloween and he also likes Mr. Halloween (Michael Myers).

  He also has some favorite aspects to the character of Michael Myers.

  “The way he walks so slow when he is killing someone and because he kills so many people in the movies,” Rivera said.

  Many people tend to forget that Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the gruesome killings of scary Halloween movies. Halloween can still be a family holiday with fun movies to watch all together as a family. 

  Junior Marjie Simpson’s favorite Halloween movie is The Disney classic, Hocus Pocus. She believes it is the best Halloween movie.

  “It has lots of comic relief, it is a good family movie, and it satisfies my need for a scary movie without going too far,” Simpson said.

  Even though it is a family friendly horror movie, her favorite thing about the villains is how ¨the witches are clueless and the dumb blonde. I also like their outfits.¨

  Senior Katie Van Dyke‘s favorite Halloween movie is also Hocus-Pocus. Katie prefers cute, fall

movies over murderous horror films. She loves watching Hocus Pocus in the fall.

  “It combines Halloween festivities like trick or treating with a little bit of scare,¨ Van Dyke said. ¨I like the three witches’ different personalities.¨ 

  You may want to check out these two Halloween favorites this month.