Best Haunted Houses in the Area

  Halloween is just around the corner, and haunted houses are open for business. Fortunately, there are plenty of high rated haunted houses in the area.

  “I always try to find a haunted house that is decently close and isn’t super expensive,” sophomore Sidney Scherler says. “There have only been a few that were good and actually scared me.”

  The haunted house closest to the Cloverleaf High School is the Apple Cabin, which is 1.7 miles away. The general admission for one adult is 20 dollars. 

  However, it had the lowest rating out of all 16 haunted houses. 25 people were asked to rate haunted houses on a scale of 1-10. The apple cabin had an average rating of 5.14. 

  “The Apple Cabin is boring and childish,” sophomore Annie Baker says. “It used to be more fun when I was younger, but now it really isn’t scary anymore.”

  Senior Katie Van Dyke feels the same way about the Apple Cabin, expressing that it is her least favorite haunted house. 

  “It’s a fun little walk around, but it just wasn’t scary at all,” Van Dyke says. “The only scary part was when I got chased around by a monkey on stilts. It was traumatic and I had to hide under the cars to get away.”

  Fortunately, there are still other haunted houses in the area, such as the Chippewa Slaughterhouse. It is about 5 miles away, and general admission is 30 dollars per person. 

  People had mixed feelings about Slaughterhouse. It was some people’s favorites, and others least favorites. The rating turned out to be a 7.5.

  The Slaughterhouse is Annie Baker’s favorite haunted house. 

  “I love it because it is a really scary haunted house, but it’s not so scary to the point where it is intense, unenjoyable and makes you want to cry,” says Baker. 

  Junior Kaylee Flemming said that she has mixed feelings about the Slaughterhouse. 

  “I feel like the first year it was really good. It’s getting bigger but it’s not getting any better, and it’s just too expensive,” says Flemming. 

  The Slaughterhouse is Senior Cora Neura’s least favorite haunted house.

  “The Slaughterhouse was kinda lame this year. The tickets were too expensive,” Neura said. 

  The top rated haunted house was the Carnival of Horrors in Canton with a rating of 9. However, only a few people rated the haunted house. 

  The general admission for the Carnival of Horrors is 25 dollars. Junior Paige Brownson said that the haunted house was worth the money. 

  “It takes pretty long to walk through, and I really liked the props,” Brownson said. “I would definitely go again.”

  Although it is rated lower than Carnival of Horrors, the Best haunted house of 2021 is the Blood Prison in Mansfield. It had numerous high ratings, totaling up to a 8.6. 

  Kaylee Flemming said that Blood Prison stands out from all the other haunted houses that she has been to. 

  “You can get a pass where they can touch you. It stands out because the setting around it is really cool,” Flemming says, “It used to be a real prison and there are rumors that it is haunted. I think all of that is super cool.”

  Katie Van Dyke said that she recommends that people give Blood Prison a try. 

  “It’s my favorite because it’s more of a whole house of scariness instead of just one little room where one person jumps out at you and that’s it,” Van Dyke says. “It was really intense and scary.” 

  Cora Neura thought that Blood Prison was a good experience for the price. The general admission for Blood Prison is 25 dollars. 

  “I really liked the one at the Mansfield Reformatory. I went with my friends Katie and Kailtin. It was so fun because they were so scared, and the screaming lady was so funny.”  

  Sidney Scherler said that she really wants to try Blood Prison. 

  “I heard of this one in Mansfield; I saw an advertisement on Snapchat about it,” Scherler says. “I want to try it because of the gore. It looks very scary and I want to try it so bad.”

  Another highly rated option is the Halloweekends haunted houses at Cedar Point in Sandusky. It is a good deal, especially if you already have a season pass. If not, it is 50 dollars for an all day pass, where you can go to 6 different haunted houses and 6 “scare zones.” You can also ride the roller coasters and enjoy good food while you are there. 

  The highest rated haunted house at Halloweekends is Eerie Estate, with Hexed and Freakshow close behind.  Many people said that the haunted houses are really good because of Cedar Point’s high budget. 

  Other honorable mentions include Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory in Akron, Forest of Screams in Medina, Seven Floors of Hell in Berea.